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Welcome to the blog about my Cochlear Implant journey. This blog was originally written in Danish, but I have translated all of my posts to English and future posts will be available in both languages. Below is a list of all my posts:

How Cochlear Implants sound to me
December 19, 2013 – In this detailed post I try to describe how the CI actually sounds like. It seems to be a tough task to describe that.

Experiences from the period following the second mapping session
August 30, 2013 – This post contain writings about the experiences I have had since the second adjustment of my CI. This is on of the longer posts as it cover experiences from 3½ month. It is a post with both joyful and frustrating experiences.

More experiences from the first month
August 7, 2013 – In this post I continue by telling about the rest of my experiences from the first month with CI. In this post I tell about how the sounds started become normal and that I was therefore beginning to look forwards to a more normal life again.

A new way to hear
July 7, 2013 – I have been fully occupied with my rehabilitation and in this delayed post I tell about my experiences from the first week after getting sound again.
A world full of noise
April 12, 2013 – Finally it got the day where I should get connected. In this post I tell about the process of getting connected and my experiences from the rest of that day.

More experiences from the period before getting sound
April 7, 2013 – Tomorrow I will receive my processors and get sound. This post is about my remaining experiences from the period before getting sound.

My experiences from the rest of the first week after my surgery
Marts 19, 2013 – In this post i present the of my experiences from the first week after my surgery

My experiences from the day of surgery and the following day
Marts 17, 2013 – In this post I present my experiences from the day of my surgery and the next day. This is only the beginning of a longer description of my experiences during the first two weeks after my surgery.

Three days to judgment day
February 25, 2013 – It is almost time for my surgery. In this short post I present my experiences at the hospital where they made initial patient journal and my expectations for the time right after the surgery.

My Cochlear Implant journey and the wide range of information online
February 10, 2013 – In this post I present the thought process that I have been through. During this post I present a range of facts about the process combined with relevant links and youtube videos.

Call for surgery
Januar 22, 2013 – I finally received my call for surgery. In this post I also tell about the confusing clarification process of whether or not I will receive a waterproof processor. I also tell about a project about how patients experience their Cochlear Implant journey that I am participating in.

A year with focus on sound
January 5, 2013 – A new year has started, and I am really getting close to my surgery. In this post reflect on the year that went away and the year that is to come. I also describe my last visit at the audiology department before my surgery. Now I am just waiting to receive the date of my surgery.

Towards the goal
December 19, 2012 – At this point all my examinations are done, and I am really beginning to become tired and stressed before the christmas holiday. In this post I tell about the things that currently occupy my mind, and how you can become stressed while being in the vacuum of just wanting to know when it is your turn. The last two examinations are done, and I shortly present how they went and how the next part of my journey will be. At last I also present a carefull guess as to when my surgery will be.

The importance of being open about my experiences
November 15, 2012 – Two weeks ago I decided to get a Cochlear Implant surgery. In this post I reflect upon the thoughts I have at this moment, and what it means to me to be this open about my emotions and thoughts on this blog. In the last part of this post I present more details about the comming period and the surgery that I am going to have.

Loads of feedback – and more information
November 4, 2012 – After having published my blog there have been many visitors at the blog, and I have received many positive acknowledgements from friends, family and people I did not know before. In this post I present more details about the procedure I went through when I visited the audiology department at the hospital where the decision that I should have a Cochlear Implant surgery was made.

The biggest decision of my life
November 2, 2012 – At this point I decided to put my blog online, and this is the first blogpost after having released my blog. In this post I shortly present my decision about getting a bilateral Cochlear Implant surgery. In the bottom of this post I also present a short youtube video that describe what a Cochlear Implant is.

When the equipment fails
October 23, 2012 – In the autumn holidays I experienced that one of my hearing aids failed due to moisture. The result was that for some hours I was only able to use one of my hearing aids. This was very tough and I really got to understand how bad my ability to hear had become.

A nice weekend with the family
October 10, 2012 – During a weekend together with my family I think about the frustrations that I experience every day about my hearing loss. I am beginning to think, that Cochlear Implants might be a good solution for me. In this post I also tell about a range of funny experiences I have had when hearing something wrong.

Hearing test and a reference to the audiology department at the hospital
2. oktober 2012 – I have been at an ear specialists to receive a reference to the audiology department at the hospital. In this post I shortly compare the difference between my last to hearing assessments.  I also shortly describe about my visit at a guy who makes ear molds for hearing aids. It turned out that he was trying to further develop the way in which ear molds are made.

How does a Cochlear Implant sound
September 20, 2012 – On thing that makes it difficult to take the jump towards getting a Cochlear Implant is that you really dont know how it will be like. There is no possibility to go back. In this post I try to understand how Cochlear Implants sound like by listening to sound samples. It is almost impossible to relate to – but it is very exciting.

Exciting to read about other peoples experiences about Cochlear Implants
September 2. 2012 – This is a short post about how touching it can be to hear about how other people experience the progress of getting Cochlear Implants. I also describe how difficult it is not to get in touch with ones own emotions when reading about this.

This is tough
August 29, 2012 – In my last post I spent quite some time at explaining how I experience my hearing loss. In the following days I experience that my focus on what I can and what I can’t hear is very high. It is very hard to be aware of the small details of my hearing loss. But I also feel that this is a good opportunity to think about how I can deal with these issues in the future.

Any hearing loss is experienced differently and have very different consequences
August 27, 2012 – In this post I decided to describe my hearing loss. The post contains a thorough description of what it loss of hearing discrimination means, and I also present a range of situations where I experience that I cannot hear well enough.

My first post
August 25, 2012 – After having participated in a number of weekend camps for young people with hearing loss I have started to focus a lot on how bad my own ability to hear have gotten. In this blog post I reflect on my loss of speech discrimination and how well other people is able to hear with a Cochlear Implant. But at this point I am pretty much in doubt whether or not a Cochlear Implant could aid me.

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