Call for surgery

It almost getting my turn – finally! This Friday I finally received a letter with an appointment to the surgery which is scheduled to happen on February 28. But I can get lucky and be asked to come in earlier if they have a cancelled surgery.

It is great finally to have a specific “deadline” on when I will get my surgery. It has been some touch weeks since my visit at the audiology department on January 2nd. In all of this period I have been hoping anxiously to find the letter in my mailbox when I got home from work – it has been thrilling not to have a specific date. But now I have a specific date in the end of February – that is nice but I also feel that there is a very long time to that date – I just want it to be done as soon as possible

Confusion about a waterproof CI-solution

In the waiting time I have had some mailings with the audiology department. I received a mail that I would not be able to get the waterproof processor for free and that I would there have to pay 16.000,- danish crowns if I wanted it (approximately 2.150 euro or 2.800 USD). It was of course a huge disappointment. I therefore wrote to them and asked if there was any possibility for negotiating on a lower price or applying for a grant. I also expressed that this processor has been one of the reasons why I chose devices from the brand Advanced Bionics. It did however quickly turn out that the audiology had made an agreement that I should have the waterproof processor along with two behind the ear processors. This agreement had however not been clearly specified in my journal. The result therefore was that I will get the waterproof processor without having to pay 16.000,- danish crowns. Wow – I was very happy to get that message 🙂

Project about how patients experience the CI process

I have as mentioned in former posts participated in a camp for young people with hearing losses for a couple of times. This is a great event that really fosters good friendships and where you get to meet different people that are in the same or in similar situations as yourself. On this camp there are a range of people that have received the Cochlear Implant (CI) surgery and this is probably why I started to consider if this was something for me. One of the other participants at this camp has also received the CI surgery on both ears in one surgery. He is studying audiology on the University of South Denmark. He and one of his fellow students is making a project about how the patients experience the whole process surrounding the CI surgery – both in terms of the decision process and the process after the surgery.

I have decided to participate in this project – which means that I will give a range of interviews during my process. The first interview was done in December. In this interview we talked about my hearing history and then had a thorough conversation about all of my decision process and the process related to the examinations that I should have attended.

I think it was cool to have this thorough discussion about my entire process. It was a discussion that reflect many of the thoughts and reflections that I have presented here on this blog. But it was also a small step out of my comfort zone to tell about all the emotions that you go through in this process. I think it is cool that by participating in such a project can provide others with a view on how the process is experienced while I also get some of my thoughts processed in another way than what I can do in other ways.