Three days to judgment day

Now it really starts to get exciting. I have a feeling that time goes really quick – now there is only 3 days until I get under the knife. I don’t feel nervous about the surgery even though the feeling of butterflies in my stomach could almost indicate the contrary 🙂

I actually look forward to the surgery as this means I will finally have started the process. I am not in doubt that it will be touch – but it is in a good as I can look forwards to a better ability to hear. The most tough thing will of course be the first days after the surgery and then following 4-6 weeks where I will be deaf. But I feel relaxed about that as this will be a chance for getting relaxed and immersed with other stuff. Then time will show how much I will focus on films without sound, games, books or walking and bicycling.

Creating the patient journal

1½ week ago I was as mentioned earlier at the hospital to make the journal. It was a rather simple step and it just meant that they needed some health information from me. But it did turn out that there was some confusion in the communication between the audiology department and the hospital. The ENT at the hospital thought that I should only have surgery on one ear – so it was a good that I could hear point out that my surgery was supposed to be done on both ears.

But apart from that there is not much interesting to say about this event. I first talked to an ENT and then the anesthetist. The ENT looked in my ears, nose and throat. I had my blood presure checked but they did not take any blood samples even though this was mentioned in the letter. The anesthetist  received a questionnaire that I had answered, and therefore just needed to ask about my health and if there was things that I was allergic towards.

The surgery

Before the surgery I am not allowed to eat, and I may only drink some liquids before the surgery. This means that I have to stop eating at midnight but if the surgery is in the end of the day I am allowed to eat a little breakfast. I don’t know at what time of the day I will receive my surgery – I will be able to ask about on the day before the surgery. I hope to have my surgery in the start of the day so I don’t have to wait for too long with butterflies in the stomach without a possibility to eat…

After the surgery I will have to stay at the hospital for one night. In the days after the surgery my mom will stay at my apartment – she can work from there. I am very happy to have this support 🙂

In the period after the surgery and until I get my surgery I will as mentioned be deaf – this probably the most difficult thing to relate to. I am not in doubt that I will manage to handle this and will be able to spend the time. But it is very difficult to imagine not hearing for such a long time. But I do not imagine that a lot of things should happen – I do not plan on visiting a lot of people or to receive a lot of visits – I cannot imagine being in situations where there will be sound/speech that I cannot hear – that will definitely feel like getting too far away from my comfort zone.

Damn it’s an exciting period that I am facing – I am looking forwards to tell you all about it 🙂